keep it updated


Keep Your Software and

Hardware Drivers Up to Date


Windows Update dialog box.All software and hardware companies release updates. These updates often patch security holes, if not applied might allow access to your systems from hackers.


Make sure your operating system software is set to auto update daily. Microsoft releases most updates on the first Tuesday of each month with critical updates as needed.


Make sure to update Adobe Reader, Flash, Java and your web browser(s) regularly. They are frequently the source of security holes which let the bad things in.


Set antivirus software to update automatically and manually reinstall the latest version at least once a year.


Most hardware drivers will be updated using Windows Update if you are running iOS or Windows 7 or later.


Use this link to see when Microsoft will stop supplying security updates. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 January, 14, 2020.


My desktop computer of choice for Home and Business users is the Dell Optiplex line. You get a good computer with 3 years of next business day on-site support.

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