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The biggest savings is not always grabbing the latest technology right when it enters the market. The costs and new product issues are too high.  Let someone else work all the bugs out first and spend all the big bucks on "cutting edge technology". Then get it, after a year or so, when the price goes down and the major issues have been worked out.


There are no hard fast rules, it depends on the product. Some stuff you can wait a few generations of a product line before updating.


Software is a good example. I would not advise anyone to upgrade an operation system on an older computer. It is best to replace the OS when the computer gets replaced.


On the other end, anti-virus and anti-spyware definitions updates, which are free and offered a few times a week, I recommend using the auto update features to update as soon as they released.


However, watch out for the other extreme and not investing in some technology will have your competitors leaving you in the dust.

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