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‚ÄčCommodore 64

In 1985, I got my first home computer, a Commodore 64, like the one pictured above. This simple little computer started my love for technology.


The Commodore 64 inspired me to take my first computer class at Delgado Community College. Classes were focused on DOS and DOS based applications like, Wordstar and Lotus 123.


My first computer job, in the mid 1980's, was at a geophysical data processing company. There we used a VAX 11/780, and some 64 bit computers to process analog geophysical data into a digital format. We also used, plotters and film to output the digital data.


Attended the University of New Orleans for 4 Years, majoring in Computer Science. It was there I move up to a DOS based computer, and used Windows 1.0 for the first time. My computer jobs were taking more and more time. With that and the fact that the Computer Science curriculum back then had very little hardware and systems courses, my education was moved to a lower priority.


While working for the printing industry for almost 10 years, I developed my skills for keeping up with the latest technology. Was fortunate to work for a owner that constantly improved his technology.


This experience and education sharpened my analyzing, troubleshooting and researching skills. Important skills I use today to find the most cost effective technology solution for a given task.


In 2000, I decided to go on my own and leave the shelter of working for an employer. Having built up a number of clients before leaving, the time was right.


Today, I still have my core clients from the beginning. Every now and then I will pick up a new one. However, I limit the number of clients I service as not to over extend my time.

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